Featuring Irish comedians Damon Blake and George Fox, two comedy enfant terribles (French for shitty babies). Together they put on live shows and web video and have been on lots of radio, podcasts and TV.

Whether it's about comic books, the Irish language or short horror-films, their award-winning comedy can be seen live and on the tiny little phone screens you carry in your pocket.

As seen on: RTE, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Facts, MTV Cosmo and more.


GEORGE FOX - Twitter: @comedyfox

Born in Dublin and growing up in Swords, George has in his comedic life won everything from the Amused Moose Dublin Heats to the Ted Fest Standup Competition. A comedic tour de force, as an MC and feature he has toured Ireland and the UK, all while recording videos and podcasts for TV and the internet. 

When he's not performing he takes part in Facts viral "React to" videos. His main interests are horror movies and videogames and eating pulled pork sandwiches. He's very popular. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sloths, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dickheads - they all adore him. They think he's a righteous dude.

Further information can be found at his website at https://about.me/comedyfox.

Quotes about Fox:

"Impeccable...joke after joke, Fox kept the audience laughing." - Entertainment.ie

"A highly imaginative set, which truly blossoms" - Three Weeks


DAMON BLAKE - Twitter: @blakingpoint (RIP)

Born in America and growing up in Australia, Damon returned to Ireland to be closer to his family, who are a bunch of micks. He's read a lot of comics and seen a lot of movies, which means he knows lots of trivia that was useful before Wikipedia was invented.

Since starting comedy in 2007 he has performed on stage, on TV and radio. During that time he went back to college (Ba. in Creative Writing/Strategy in Business), moved to America for a year, managed large scale projects for councils and mutltinationals, produced acclaimed webseries and podcasts, worked on comic books and started several popular websites.

Further information can be found his website: http://about.me/blakingpoint.

Quotes about Blake:

"Damon Blake is one of the most intelligent and insightful stand-up comics currently working the Irish circuit" - Hotpress/Nighthawks at the Cobalt Cafe

"Consistently funny" - Entertainment.ie