Auntie's Establishment

Before we started doing our current series we used to host a podcast with fellow Irish comedian Colin Chadwick.

Irish comedians would come in, we'd interview them and then we'd improvise a pseudo-play around it.

Here are some of our favourite episodes.


Episode 1 - Niamh Marron

The comedy hurricane Niamh Marron joins us in the studio and then goes on a "Blind Date"-style TV Show with Colin, a morning-radio DJ and Bane...Gotham's Reckoning!

Episode 2 - Alison Spittle

Episode 2 - Alison Spittle.jpg

This week we're joined by Alison Spittle. We're not sure where she came from but she's destined to go places.She joins Damon, George and Colin for a chat to begin with before things become decidedly more romantic towards the end at a French restaurant. ROMANCE.

Episode 4 - Kevin McGahern

Episode 4 - Kevin McGahern.jpg

This week Cavan lad Kevin McGahern joins us to talk about 4chan, the youth of today and the mysterious histories of his county. McGahern is a comedian and an actor off of the tellyvision, he could pass as a character in Game of Thrones if he wanted. After a chat we end up on the Titanic, because of course.

Episode 4 - Rob Stears

Episode 7 - Rob Stears.jpg

Holy guacamole it's Sundayamole! This week we have comedian and cartoonist Rob Stears in the studio. Rob is one of our favourite people, and like all favourite things, we crush him mercilessly whenever he's about. Check out his cartoons at We have a chat before we're joined by a special guest who knows a lot about being alive.

Edwin Sammon and Simon Mulholland join us for an episode set on a space station. Super computers, robots and the screaming silence of spaaaaace.

In 2016 we visited the Stoneface Films Podcast after they had recorded an episode and invited them to visit a spoooooky mansion filled with manic guests and maniac twists. Thanks to crew for taking part...wherever they are.